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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Meaning of Life (according to Albert 2.0)

“Hey Albert, have you noticed this is the 42nd post on your blog?”


“So now you’ve covered every other angle on life, how about telling me the meaning of life?”

Well, I could try but what does that have to do with the number 42?

“In Douglas Adam’s book The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, it’s the answer to life, the universe and everything. A race of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings built a monster computer called Deep Thought that took seven and a half million years to work out the answer which was… 42. I know it was after your time but haven’t you come across that yet?”

No, but a hitch-hiker’s guide to the galaxy would be fun. What I don’t understand is that if the answer was 42 what was the question?

“Exactly, so you have read it.”

Not at all, I just couldn’t imagine trying to find the answer without knowing what the question was.

“That was the funny bit. They asked for the answer but forgot to be precise about the question.”

Why was that funny?

“Ok Albert, we’ll work on your humour programming later, but if you are so smart and the answer is 42, what could the question be?”

Do you mean what is the right question to ask if you want to find the answer to life, the universe and everything?

“Well I was more thinking of why the answer to life, the universe and everything might be 42.”

What if it isn’t?

“You’re the one that said imagination is more important than knowledge, so imagine for a moment the answer is 42. What could the question be?”

Hmmm, a tricky one….I know. What is the secret of a rainbow?

“Brilliantly random, but what are you talking about?”

42 degrees is the angle that light is reflected inside a raindrop to make a rainbow.

“Are you serious?”

Absolutely, that’s the only important question I know about the universe that has the answer 42.

“So how does that explain how a rainbow works?”

A rainbow forms because a raindrop can act just like the prism that Isaac Newton used to split light into different colours. When ray of sunlight hits a raindrop it is bent and split into colours as it passes through the middle of the drop in the same way as a prism. It then reflects off the back of the raindrop like a mirror and comes back out of the from of the raindrop, bent round by 42 degrees. In fact it is not always exactly 42 degrees because each colour or wavelength of light is bent by a different amount, blue more than red, which is why the colours are spread out into a rainbow in the first place. The laws of optics tell us there has to be a fixed angle between the sun, the raindrops and you the observer. That’s why a rainbow will move away as you move towards it – you can never reach the end of a rainbow which is why it is such a good place to hide pots of gold.

“I always knew those leprechauns were clever.”

Clever indeed, but let me ask you a question, and this question will help explain the meaning of life. What is more important, knowing how the reflection angle of light inside a raindrop forms a rainbow or looking at a rainbow in wonder in the first place?

“Oh, well I suppose knowing how a rainbow is formed is better than just gawping at it.”

I wasn’t thinking of gawping at a rainbow but looking at it in wonder. That is more important than knowing how it works.


Because without a sense of wonder you won’t be able to appreciate the beauty of a rainbow or anything else. If humanity lacked wonder then who would have bothered to find out the secrets of rainbow?

“But what does knowing the secrets of a rainbow have to do with the meaning of life?”

The most remarkable thing about the universe is that it is understandable at all. The journey of discovery towards understanding starts with wonder. A famous Jewish theologian Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel said a very wise thing back in 1951, ‘life without wonder is not worth living.’ I remember as a child being given a compass and being completely fascinated by what invisible force could keep it pointing north. That gift helped ignite a sense of wonder in the physical world that I’ve never lost.

“I’m still not clear what that has to do with the meaning of life?”

Do you really want to know?

“Of course.”

Well to capture the meaning of life in one sentence I’d rephrase Abraham Heschel’s words and add the missing final link. Life without wonder has no meaning, so the meaning of life must be wonder itself.

“Life without wonder has no meaning, so the meaning of life must be wonder itself…..mmm…. deep.…but cool all the same…..and 42?”

Next time you see a rainbow, stop what you are doing and just sit and watch it. Then you’ll find out the real importance of 42…. and of being alive as well.

P.S. More on Heschel, Adams and Einstein.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I wonder, could the meaning of life be that simple?
    Anonymous said...
    Brilliant, I've been telling people all day that I've discovered the meaning of life and the real meaning of 42 from a blog.
    Adam said...
    Indeed, it could be just that simple; for our lifes at least. The greatest mind, is an open mind.
    christa said...
    I knew Addams was on to something...he and Albert agree....all of everything is in a simple rainbow....
    Philosophy 101 said...
    There is a semantic problem with the question "what is the meaning of life?", namely that what most people understand it to be actually "what is the purpose of life?". Words, sentences, graphics etc., can have a meaning to a mind (e.g.,a human mind), but "life" cannot be straightforwardly deciphered. Purpose, on the other hand implies "a purpose for some end", e.g., "divine ends" or other people's ends.Always examine the question before attempting answer.
    pistileer said...
    I will just come right out and say it. The hardest part about reading your reply to the very valid query of "what is the meaning of life?", is that I already figured it out and am very close to proving it.
    Be certain of this, no scientist knows, and if any one else on this planet knows then they are either at my same pace or they just got hit by a bus in the last few months.
    I will impart a little knowledge though. That the answer is so immensely full of infinitesimally random impossibilities is what makes it all so simply possible. Understanding it helps one to come to epiphanies such as "victory is failure", and I don't mean that in some philosophical pedantic mind melting relativity, or as some stupid dogmatic lesson. I mean it as literally as 2+2=4. If you can understand that one then you may be on the right track.
    Peacefully my brothers and sisters, for all are worthy.
    the white rabbit said...
    The white rabbit from the black star is right on time about now. We live in an expanding and contracting cloud of hydrogen with no beginning or ending; where would it come from or where would it go? We know nothing yet. We are still infants barely scratching the surface of rhyme and reason. We have'nt the slightest clue of what we are or how we came into being. We still don't know if there is or is not a creator. We only know we are here on a rock flying thru space spiraling into a ball of fire!

    From Errol Vierheller who still doesn't know Jack.
    pistileer said...
    The foolish man peers intently through the pools of time in effort to determine man's fate.
    The wise man gazes patiently across the expanse, grasping those brief moments when the winds of discord subside and the true reflection of mankind is revealed.
    Be not so perverse as to ignore the whisper of meaning that calls to all.
    Kathy said...
    Thank you all for using wonder along with your brain. Kathy
    Pedsro48 said...
    Even Albert Einstein knew God created, and oversees the universe. The meaning of life is that life is meaningless without God, but with and through God, life means everything. God's purpose is for us to live life with meaning, not just 42, although 42 is an important number.
    pistileer said...
    Well, Pedsro, I am going to do the best I can under the circumstances (I am severely intoxicated, as this is one of the few ways I can deal with the stupidity of humanity) . The need you feel to worship a god is understandable, given what I have discovered about humanity. That you also insist on only believing in such because it gives you demise, is extremely pitiful. I will just state, that I am so tired of you idiotic humans and your exhaltation of such a malcontent as “Einstein”. To tell you the truth, this guy , in my book is nothing short of a paid shill, and certainly a joke on humanity. He died laughing at you all. My interest is not in falling your heroes, no, I am just a bringer of true proof logic. While Einstein brought much to the table, he left few scraps to the people. He aligned himself to a doctrine of hatred and control and pushed us all into a scape of nuclear destruction. That he was not able to love “truly” a woman, is quite perplexing, and expletive in its self. I am not so weak as to fall for such complacency, and have far exceeded him and those who have come before and after. I grow tired of you all, fortunately for you I am not a person to use my gift to construct a weapon of destruction. I will likely bring this entire planet to true inspiration. PEACE.
    Bob said...
    You were all doing just fine until Pedsro48 entered the picture. Dieties from Jupiter to Mythras were creations designed to provide a father to looker after one. As Mark Twain said, "God created Man in his own image, and Man, being a gentleman, returned the compliment." When you find a beginning, you need to be ready for the fellow who asks, "Who created "the beginning?" You'd do better to ask for the purpose in life, and the answer is: to care for our fellow travelers. And, we might add, the purpose was left to ourselves to decide. Bobinca
    Kort said...
    Uplifting interesting discussion about 42. One must factor scale into the equation too, however. From the atom to the grain of sand to the planet to the galaxy, meaning for one is nearly meaningless for the next. True, everything in existence is connected effects the rest in some incomprehensibly complex manner, but meaning has very little consequence to anyone other than the querant.
    I like Bob's answer. Also this from Monty Python: "Exec #2: Yeah, I've had a team working on this over the past few weeks, and what we've come up with can be reduced to two fundamental concepts. One: People aren't wearing enough hats. Two: Matter is energy. In the universe there are many energy fields which we cannot normally perceive. Some energies have a spiritual source which act upon a person's soul. However, this "soul" does not exist ab initio as orthodox Christianity teaches; it has to be brought into existence by a process of guided self-observation. However, this is rarely achieved owing to man's unique ability to be distracted from spiritual matters by everyday trivia." and "Gaston: My mother told me, 'Gaston, there are many people in the world, and in order to get along, you have to try and make everyone happy.'"
    ProfX777 said...
    scientists were saying(way back in the 1960s,that we were only using 10% of what our minds were capable of...along with the prediction that they will be able to halt or even be able to reverse the aging
    process...here we are now...slowing it down thru what we ingest from supplementation of herbs we gather from the forest and jungle...but,still juggling equations in our quest to become immortal...and,from what I have heard is that they say we are now at 15%...I am wondering WHO(in this realm of reality)knows what
    the minds measurable capabilities are? unlocking its mysteries is the'fun'part of the purpose in life(along with just living it,instead of letting prejudices destroy The Family)...as to 'The Meaning of Life'...(of what I know)...is t.b.a...my philosophy is that some itelligence out there is 'transmitting' and we are receiving.locked away in 'two or
    three' braincells are every invention and technological advancement that has come to be.(an 'inspiration of the moment'
    had to have come from 'somewhere'...be it 'downloaded' in the organic
    computer within the skull of a distant generation,and then...the 'click' of the implant, resurrected at the precise moment in humankind's evolution.
    to say(in our 'modern' secular humanist way)that this 'life'is it...is as inane as saying there is an end to the universe!(what is beyond the 'dimensions'of the box that encompasses it? only space that is 'held'by yet another?)it is ALWAYS good to think 'outside the box'...but,in this case,to dwell on it...one might 'lose ones mind'. the life we perceive is only a 'blink of an eye'in what we have been able to measure(since the first'timepeice'invented to capture the essence of the "praeter",arose from the sundial). to come from a 'nothingness'...void of perception from any of our six'earthly'.senses...live in a flash...then,disappear into that void again,for an eternity...is incomprehensible! we came from somewhere,and that is where we are going...forever!!!...maybe in a loop,with positive variations,one would hope!) I have always wondered what I am thinking in a 'parallel universe'...alas,I only be an Argus-eyed observer in life guessin'about its answers! nuf sed.only an opinion. if you do not agree...than let me finish with a quote that will pertain to us all,by that famous philosopher,
    Frank Zappa,"Everything you know is wrong."
    Michael Coldham-Fussell said...
    I have found the word MOLINE useful as an acrostic which reads as the Meaning Of Life Is Naturally Evident. Looking at rainbows, and all of nature's other wonders, we observe what is possible, from a rosebud to a rotating galaxy of solar systems, and this, I believe is evidence which speaks of what is possible for an infinite, absolutely powerful, all-knowing, everywhere-present supernatural Creator.
    pistileer said...
    Wow guys, what is this? the ship of fools? I would spend a little time trying to escalate this argument, however, I have a planet save. Peace.pokerplayer007
    Anonymous said...
    hello all! `^_^`

    ONE question?
    ONE answer?
    ONE truth?

    42 maybe, is the answer?

    many questions?

    All to experience
    All to especially share the answers
    All to understand

    LOVE is your answer

    Your meaning to share.

    SHARE your LIFE
    Anonymous said...
    the meaning of life is love if you have ever been in love before then you will know what it feels like to have it taken away. with out love your life feels meaningless life without meaning is no life at all. love is the answer love everyone as if you will die tomorrow.
    Anonymous said...
    pistileer i agree with most of what you are saying however i see you as somewhat of a pesimist you drink to deal with the world when you should be helping to make it better so that it is more tolerable for you instead of sulking in your own sorrow and pity for yourself.

    do something about it
    pistileer said...
    One intoxicated rant and all of a sudden I am a raving alcoholic...mother would be proud. Self pity is a bit of a stretch, but I'll let you have it. I'm only human so I can't be above it, however, I don't see it. My insinuation that the stupidity on this planet makes me drink was a stab at drunken sarcasm...can't win em all. I don't really care much what has happened to me, I can, however, get rather testy about the many abuses I have been fighting against incessantly throughout my life; that I have witnessed being perpetrated on innocent victims.

    I will say that if you are looking for love from someone other than yourself you are looking in the wrong place. The need for love would not seem so imperative in this world if it weren't for the habitual exploitation of weakness.

    I have never found opportunity to instruct others what they should be doing to help, I just always took it upon myself to do it. I prefer to lead by example...strange how you did not even proffer some worthy cause with your self-righteous suggestion. Say...something like: donating money and time to Ron Paul's campaign; writing letters to your senators and congressmen in opposition to S.2191 America's Climate Security Act (which is everything but. I know, I spent a week researching it), and H.R.3773 amendment to FISA which allows illegal wire-tapping of any American citizen that is not a criminal (another week of research and letter writing). Maybe one could spend months and years writing peaceful songs. Or maybe you could go around filming and interviewing activists at peace marches and protests, and spending days creating videos for You Tube. Or maybe you could burn informative CDs and give them to friends and acquaintances. Maybe you could compile thousands of pages of informative research and philosophy to use in writing a book. Maybe you could get rid of your car and only walk or bike where you need to go, or get really extreme and turn off your refrigerator, all but one light and recycle every bit of consumer packaging you buy...but whatever, these are just a few of the things I am doing. This is a fraction of the list, would you like to compare?

    I have spent my life constantly bombarded by the things most people (approximately 86%) cannot even see. The majority of people I have helped in my life, eventually returned the favor with a kick in the teeth. I am a bit cynical now, but mostly in jest. I will never give up. I will say that the most depressing part of my life is always being right. Peace.
    pistileer said...
    "Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval"...in otherwords just one more systematic psycho attempting to control the masses with subversive censorship of noninflamatory material. Your "wolf" is showing. Get a life
    FATSO said...
    Just say I came up with the "meaning of life" and then sent off my work to cosmologists, theologians and philosophers. Then they sent it back and they said they "didn't get it". Does this mean I'm some isolated crackpot with a saviour complex or misunderstood genius, the likes of which the world has never seen?
    Answer: Same difference. Even if you did convince the scientific comunity, there are still going to be those people who believe in there version of the Easter Bunny and a few sick fanatics that are prepared to kill for it.
    All I'm trying to say is that its good to have a healthy interest in how things work but don't expect to save the world with some mind blowingly simplistic theory that will create peace on Earth.
    However, I do have a theory of how the universe came into existence and I would like to share it, but, just for the record, I would happily throw any "unified theory" in the bin and live a minute longer and be with the ones I love.
    pistileer said...
    First of all, peace on Earth is not possible and is counterproductive. To rid the planet of war and discrimination is a more logical goal.

    Argument and constructive criticism are the true spices of life, and these activities are designed into our very souls by the constantly cyclic and fluctuating crescendos and cascades of this chaotic cosmic mechanism we call life. This is a supremely divine Universe that demands compliance, and what we deem as choice is merely a selection...easy way or hard way.

    If humanity is ever to make any true progress, mankind must first realize that punishment is perversion, and victory is failure. Until such time this planet will remain a gracious host to untimely death and destruction
    Anonymous said...
    I'll try again... If a theory of how the universe came into existence and subsequently the meaning of life was discovered; why do you think everyone is going to accept it?
    What most people believe about these big questions has been a matter of "faith" - reasoning has had little to do with it.
    Some people are brave enough to question what they believe and even accept the outcome of their inquiry - despite how uncomfortable it may be. These people are the minority.
    Although if you really wanted to "rid the planet of war and discrimination" you could try killing every one who disagrees with you - Sound familiar?
    I ask again: How is it possible for people to be at peace with each other becuase of a "theory" only half of them believe? This isn,t a retorical question - any ideas?
    ausie said...
    The meaning of life is a topic vague enough and broad enough for each person in the world to give a different answer, and for each of those answers to be correct from the point of view of the individual who gave the answer.

    It is however also easy to give wrong answers.

    From the point of view of a computer, it would make sense for the answer to have a numeric value. From the point of view of a person, life has much more meaning, and would be better answered by a book.
    Anonymous said...
    Finally I understand the feelings of the few.
    Ashes and diamonds, friend and foe.
    We were all equal in the end.

    --Roger Waters
    Anonymous said...
    The meaning of life is exactly as Albert 1.0 and Douglass Adams said, only in distnctly different ways. It is there to be experienced, to be wondered at, to be lived no matter what the experience.

    The meaning of life is: LIFE IS
    just that no more, 2 words, 4 & 2 letters, oh yeah, 42.
    LIVE IT, there we go again 4 & 2.

    Fourty two is two number, Four plus two, which added together and divided by two is 3. Some say three is the universally prime number, The Father, Son and Holy Ghost; Heaven, Hell and Earth; The Sun, Moon and Stars;

    Everything we wonder at cover from the combination of these numbers, so maybe 42 is the answer.

    Now, what was the question again?
    Anonymous said...
    I think that the meaning of life is not only symantically difficult to deal with but is actually not universally constant. We strive to know but often find it counterproductive. For example...the realities and possibilities of life and death. We cannot be allowed to know any truth about these things because 'certainty' (lol) fuels arrogance and intolerance and results in a devaluing of 'the now.' Life is what we make it. We have the ability to decide our own directions and to learn from our mistakes and I worry for people who believe that collectively imposed barriers can therefore reduce or remove those mistakes and make us better. We can only become better by deciding for ourselves.
    rantaholic said...
    I'll give chase.

    If pistileer had stuck by his/her guns, he was on to something. First he said "peace on Earth is not possible and is counterproductive." Then he talked about the "constantly cyclic and fluctuating crescendos and cascades of this chaotic cosmic mechanism we call life."

    Anonymous has tried to keep the dialogue alive, without too much success.

    But he/she was also on to something when he said, "If . . . the meaning of life was discovered; why do you think everyone is going to accept it?"

    Now the original thesis was: "Life without wonder has no meaning, so the meaning of life must be wonder itself." It was claimed that this was a rephrasing of Heschel's remark that "life without wonder is not worth living," which of course it is not.

    First, Heschel merely said he didn't think life was worth living if the aspect of wonderment was absent, not that wonder was the meaning of life. Nathan Hale said, "Give me liberty or give me death," but from that you cannot conclude that liberty is the meaning of life.

    Second, the original thesis contains an obvious logical fallacy. Even if it is true that life without wonder has no meaning, it does not follow from that wonder must necessarily be the very meaning of life.

    Ok, now what?

    Let's say pistileer is right that there is a chaotic cosmic mechanism going on which we name "life." Who's to say that there is any "meaning" to that mechanism? And it seems likely that we would all agree with Anonymous that if "meaning" was discovered, lots of people would not accept it anyway.

    So isn't it reasonable to say, that "wonder" is a description of human appreciation for the complex and diverse results produced by this cosmic chaotic mechanism we call "life?" And, if so, can't we then move on to focusing on what this mechanism is actually doing across the universe (or at least across the planet)?

    As for me, I want both liberty and wonderment as part of my life, but that's fodder for another musket.
    Come on, silly rabbits, take another shot.
    SuzieQ said...
    Rantaholic seems to criticize a lot, but didn't say what the meaning of life is. I agree with anonymous, life JUST IS. It's there to be experienced. What's Nathan Hale got to do with it?
    Anonymous said...
    ok the meaning of life is enlightenment,learning ones lessons to achieve spiritual immortality,all religions point to this in one form or another,chi is the invisible force that binds the conflicting forces of yin and yang.through meditation and breathing techniques(the chi of the air is extremely important,for example wave your hand from one side to the other in front of you,you feel a resistance,what you feel is air which we take for granted but ther is something more then hydrogen an oxygen in it)one can start to gather ther internal energy.the first step is to quiten the mind,so no random thoughts keep on popping in,this is done through meditation and breathing.
    Mercedita said...
    Well, i think life is beautifulits like a rainbow full of colors and should be enjoyed with care. Not everyone has a good life in this world but being alive its like seeing a rainbow with full of wonders. Like the other day, when i saw a rainbow i felt so happy and thankful to God that He allow me to see and enjoy it even for a short period of time. Why because not everybody is privilege to see it and look up the skies and say, "Thank God for giving me life" a life that is most precious beyond compare.
    Anonymous said...
    "If . . . the meaning of life was discovered; why do you think everyone is going to accept it?"

    I agree. Many on this spinning world believe to have FOUND it, and the minority that claim them to be fools, or misguided, or whatever, weild a concept that reason and logic are something outside of their grasp.

    How is this so. Can you see atoms with the naked eye? No but you know they are there, and if you look closely you see their evidence. You would call anyone ignorant if they told you that there were 'no such thing as an atom', wouldn't you? Why is the belief in a creator so far fetched? Is it because you can't see one? Well then if that is your basis on belief is "sight" then you may never know truth. There are many things we can't see but believe, because of their evidence.
    If you are truly a person who employs reason and logic then I would give you this charge. 'Mere Christianity' by C.S Lewis, its not fluff, not the 'left behind series' not preaching, nothing like that. It is a logical explanation for the way we behave and why we search and what the meaning of life is. It shows what evidence the minority, and some of the majority even, miss. You will not be the same.
    BillyWarhol said...
    Brilliant Art Andy!!********

    ;)) Peace*
    pistileer said...
    OK. So you believe that I was just on to something when I stated that peace is counter productive. Well, lets put it this way...World Peace is a fallacious quagmire of complacency which attempts to curtail aggression by silencing all opposition...seek World Freedom, or die in a peaceful prison.

    Furthermore, if anyone wants to know what the number 42 really means, it is the resonance of our lives and encompasses many facets of this 42 minute planet. The speed at which this planet orbits the Sun (over 67,ooo mph), and the gravitational pull of its mass (that everybody has wrong, I guarantee) demands that if a tunnel was dug through any portion of the Earth and a ball was rolled down it, gravity would pull it from the entrance to the exit in 42 minutes. No matter where it begins and ends as long as it is straight. This of course assumes a spherical Earth of uniform density, however, the fact remains. It makes no difference if the tunnel is directly through the center or comes out some distance away. The steeper, and of course longer the tunnel, the faster the roll. A shorter and more level tunnel would take the same 42 minutes because there would be less gravitational pull, and speed of the ball. This is just a relative analogy, but if you can grasp it properly, you may begin to learn just what "gravity" REALLY is.

    Also, the meaning of life sings in the creation of the beings on this Earth. It must first be understood that Humans are intrinsically designed to ask the question. For religion to posit that the journey is over because some great Santa Clause in the sky created this amazing planet, is the sickest joke ever perpetrated on this Universe by the hubris cowards that preach it. I know the meaning of life, and I AM SOON TO PROVE IT TO ALL. I will be hated for it because nobody will be able to deny it, and it will bring much of this world to its knees in shame!!!
    pistileer said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    pistileer said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Anonymous said...
    True knowledge always exists in knowing that you know nothing. But you have to know and understand yourself before you can even begin to understand life itself.
    pistileer said...
    Ok, now anonymous is just being silly. The truth is that duality rules all, and the trick is to avoid stagnation by not considering one's self constant. One can "know" whatever one wishes so long as the answers do not supplant the questions. In query, seek only offerings to dissect.
    Anonymous said...
    Damn you guys sound like a bunch of old bickering house wives!
    pistileer said...
    "...bickering house wives"? Ok, who let the mullet head in here? No inbreeders allowed, including the blue bloods. You all just hang at the bottom of the curve and throw off the perihelial shift
    pistileer said...
    The dark side of this planet is always traveling faster through our version (misinterpretation) of time than the sunny side, and each morning it gets just a little colder.

    Would anybody like to try that one on for size, or are we all still incessant of considering Einstein to be a genius? It really is quite simple actually, one merely needs to free their mind…and then, of course, begin the long journey which will explain this small portion of reality and its many relative counterparts. The true knowledge within this concept has more critical relationships to our intrinsic human functions than that of Einstein’s E=MC squared. And the ability to “feel” the world around you will always be the only core human facilitation available in the arena of true inspiration…what happens next is governed by duality and our affinity for, or aversion to, compliance to its omnipotent resonance in this Universe.

    Einstein was such a “genius” he claimed there was no other choice but to drop a nuclear bomb…what a hack, I say! Moreover, late in his ridiculous life he aligned himself with the despicable and murderous Catholic Church, claiming he had finally… Well, lets put it this way, I couldn’t care less why he did it, and I certainly know well enough that he lied many times, so the veracity of his statement is highly questionable. Anyone truly able to believe in the Big Bang theory, and ignore the fact that the many values of time preclude its manipulation, is borderline-retarded, in my world.

    There is most certainly a divinity, and it is supremely compliant because truly the only honorably mitigating force in this Universe…is the example. Any parent on this planet who say’s to their child, “do as I say, not as I do” should be required to take a course in “reality”, delivered by somebody of highly intellectual deliberative accountability, and pass the test with 100% accuracy. Einstein, in many respects, sold “the common people” down the river…period! His only redeeming factor is that he is now dead and I cannot at the present time, and with clear conscience, disseminate just how much of it was intentional, and how much was merely due to the fact that, aside from his massive reservoir of regurgitatable data, he was simply an idiot.
    TRiG said...
    The peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error. -John Stuart Mill, philosopher and economist (1806-1873)
    Anonymous said...
    It doesn't matter what the meaning of life is. At the end of the semester, the Gods-in-Training will go on summer vacation and the earth will be rinsed out of a petri dish and washed down a drain, and that will be the end of us.
    pistileer said...
    You people are creepy! And why are you quoting other peoples misinterpretation of truth?

    Here is just one more in a long list of ignorant sayings, beliefs, quotations and ridiculous inferences that must be addressed and abolished...

    ...in the battle against the illogical and irreverent societal mechanisms which insist that greed is good and that those with the most money get to make all of the decisions, it is not about “walking what you talk“, or attempting to see the things one cannot, or predicting realities which are foreign to the majority and then possibly ending up seeking an illusion that will save the crumbling dream. The truth is that, in this illegitimate global theatre of prescient irreverence, bound by parametrically compliant alternative realities, that are essentially force fed to the populous by despotic and disenchanted power brokers, one must learn to “talk what they have walked“, and send all of the would have‘s, could have’s, and should have’s…packing!

    There are many critical “lessons” to be “learned“, and while they do not demand investigation of their claims, they do require one act upon their conscience.
    pistileer said...
    In other words...either bring it, or take your "opinions" and...
    Anonymous said...
    I'm sure we will all find out in time, if not..../? to love and be loved she'll do
    DMA said...
    Number 33 should be,
    "Nor any drop to drink",
    So why not stop to think,
    Before misquoting poetry.


    The three answers are obvious.

    Waste no time here on those or that which truely do not matter,
    but spare it for them which do.

    Do and Think all you can in preparation for your next Plane of Existance.

    Aim for it to be Higher rather than lower.
    DMA said...
    Sorry! i fucked up that philosophy didn`t eye?

    "but spare it for them THAT do"
    Anonymous said...
    I think the meening of life in unknown! We can never really know because everybodys perspactive of life is different! What something means to someone may not be the meaning to me! Live life at its fullest you only have one chance to live it! Go and be crazy and do what you want to do!
    Anonymous said...
    To all the people who think life is useless and don't get their asses up in the morning to live it! GET UP AND GET A LIFE! Its alot better when you have company in your life!
    Anonymous said...
    The meaning of life is.........................................................................................................................cheese!
    TRiG said...
    "... spare it for those who do," DMA.

    I suppose we find our own purpose in life. I don't think the universe has any intrinsic meaning.
    Anonymous said...
    What?In english please.
    pistileer said...
    To those impetuous souls of weak and pedantic prose, wreaking of pity and complacent morosity, so incessent of validation. There is no love but that which requires nothing in return. To be clear; when you can say "I love you" to somebody you may very well be certain is going to reply "I hate you", and still mean the love implied, then, and only then, can you understand the gift those misunderstood words so truly represent.
    trenton said...
    what makes something wrong? the opinion one(or more) person has? what makes that person right?
    everyone is right, yet everyone is wrong. 2+2=4. 2+2 is only 4 if you believe it is. even with proof that doesn't make it true. you can still believe 2+2 isn't 4 and still be corect. proof is just something that you believe(or don't believe) makes something corect of incorect, true or false.
    everyone knows the meaning of life.
    no one knows the meaning of life.
    you can believe 42 is the meaning of life, or you don't believe 42 is the meaning of life. yet if just one person believes that 42 is the meaning of life, it is. if you believe apple pie is the meaning of life, apple pie is the meaning of life. so in essence, i am saying everything is the meaning of life.
    Anonymous said...
    Or nothing....?
    pistileer said...
    ..."even with proof that doesn't make it true"??...aaannnddd this statement gathers its veracity from what obtuse form of logic? Proof is certainly what creates truth, and vice versa...empiricle or not. Just because pedantic generalities and existentially dysfunctional analogies of irrelevant relativities and unfounded correlations bend peoples minds into agreeing with, or even believing, just about anything as long as it makes no sense, does not somehow now validate this complacent and idiotically tacit form of perversion. To incessantly demand that anybody who can't see straight enough to truly analyze the world around them, merely live in a self gratifying world of delusion and "ignorant bliss" for want of some selfish recognition, or denial of their refusal to think with courage and conviction (which by the way forces one to speak the truth or shut the *@%#%@ up) has manifest some of the most ineptly prescient and corrosively decadent social memes this Universe has ever had the displeasure of witnessing. This irreverant love of ignorance and contemptuous obsession with deceptive prose will eventually bring the near extinction of this species.
    TRiG said...
    Ah, using logic to undermine logic. Nice.

    Yes, 2+2=4. And two plus two continues to equal four however much you may protest to the contrary.


    Anonymous said...
    well...if Ur to find meaning to life how much will it make difference to life (either yours of others )in my guess nothing ,,like if u know there is god what will u do or know there is no god then what will u do ,,u cannot do anything coz for many there is god and for many there is no god,,life will never set u free ,death surely will like Buddha said.its is just being human u wanted to know about meaning to life before u die ..live a good? life and death will show the path.for death is not Ur end but the end of others.interpreted from Buddha version .
    Anonymous said...
    So, Pistileer, what do you believe the meaning of life is? Comment after comment you have gone on. In one of those comments you have even said that, "I already figured it out and am very close to proving it." A big statement. Yes, I realize that you posted that comment a while ago. Have your thoughts changed sense then? Or has what you knew then stuck like gorilla glue?
    pistileer said...
    Yes, anonymous, I meant what I said. Just because I claim I am about to prove it does not necessarily mean I haven't already, just that I don't feel like pressing the metal at the moment. There is so very much to do, and never any more than the alloted space available in which do it. All in due time...

    pistileer said...
    Some idiot once stated that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Wrong, the truth is; that while, to every action there is most certainly a reaction, it is the action itself which determines the possible natures of the reaction, and nothing in this Universe requires, or even suggests, that it be equal.

    To all of the duplicitous sycophants and conveniently complacent pedantic authoritarians in the various state departments, judicial parliaments, bureaucratic catacombs and salacious halls of finance, who truly believe they are soon to be dominating the entire spectrum. This type of behavior, and illicitly engendered belief, which spits in the face of the true supreme power of this Universe, will always create an even more formidable rival able to destroy whatever they construct.
    TRiG said...
    Physically, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is known and observed.

    It's also a useful metaphor for the more complex worlds of finance, government, and general social interactions. In these worlds, however, the "rule" does not apply as neatly as it does in the realm of pure physics. Sometimes, it seems not to apply at all.

    All this means is that the metaphor is imperfect. This is no great insight: metaphors are always imperfect.

    And evidence for the imperfection of a metaphor has nothing to do with the accuracy of the physical rule which is being used as a metaphor.

    You are guilty of the sort of confused thinking which states that since the English language has one word for two completely different concepts, therefore these concepts are in some way identical. Similarly do religious apologists offering "evidence" for God state that "rules require a rule-giver". And like you, pistileer, they are wrong.

    pistileer said...
    The light hearted bearer of light saw fit to light upon the light post and light a flame of enlightenment. Bravo, chucky! I was not so certain everyone visiting this sight wasn’t brain dead. I was about to claim the world was flat, however, I assumed that would be a dead give-away.

    Regardless, the psychological, philosophical and even physical merits of the analogy are impossible to deny, regardless of the presumption that you appear to have, quite deftly, done just that. Your ill-informed mentor would be proud. Unfortunately, there is most demonstrably now a lamentable dearth of truly intelligent conjecture since Einstein was practically handed the light by a species which incessantly attempts to predominantly posit, or pretend, that he may have created it.

    The “metaphor”, as you now propose it is alleged to be, states that ‘to “every” action, there is an “equal” and “opposite” reaction’. Conversely, this “statement-of-fact” is utterly ignorant of the largely ‘unseen’, which so many intend to either deny, or incredulously attribute to some alien or spiritual entity.

    A VW bug traveling at 100 mph will do much the same damage as a Mack truck going 5 mph., and there is no relation to opposites nor actions with the exception of speed and the means of impact. If the contact is a cinder block wall, or a rabbit under the tire, the damage is nearly identical. The only question then becomes the effect to the environment in proximity.

    While “the observation” may lend some credibility to your thesis within the realm of Physics, the reality of the perception only goes so far as to question the analysis of those observing. Even Einstein himself is said to have believed in the concept of time travel and alternate dimensions, of which neither are existentially, nor empirically possible. However, this still engenders a Universally dimensional proclivity for even his theories and relativities to be constantly questioned. If you knew what I knew, you would understand this approach…and then maybe shoot yourself (LOL). It is quite a lonely existence, but I have learned to cherish it.

    Moreover, the many meanings of light are still correlative, concerned, competitive and controlled within the exact same analytical and immeasurable context wherein all prescriptions of bilateral and dual intercourse meet…complimentary, parallel, deductive or combustive.

    Thank you for your extremely intellectual and indefatigable response…the species is certainly enhanced by your existence.

    Ride the LIGHT my prodigious friend.
    Anonymous said...
    do what it takes To Succeed'A'
    pistileer said...
    Far too many peoples' personal idea of success is the failure of those around them. One of the most cowardly and destructive concepts known to man is the belief that the will to exist is governed by the power or proclivity to destroy.

    Truly, when humanity reaches the point that its strongest social bonds are shared hatreds, there is nothing left sacred, and no meaning to life...but death. factbat.
    Anonymous said...
    I thought that was a interesting answer for someone who just might be looking for the answer to the meaning of life!!!!'^^'
    pistileer said...
    If one were truly seeking the meaning of life, it would not be so helpful, nor benevolent, to send them on a wild goose chase, as it were. The apathetic and sadistic natures created by falsifying such a quest have already been more than explored and engendered.

    It really is high time to truly seek the origins of this species and its inherently compassionate and delineably curious aims.

    Your position merely seeks to obsess upon the answer, rather than engage the question.
    Dr. Strangelove said...
    If the total energy content of the universe is zero, existance ceases to be even a dream ,does it not?
    pistileer said...
    But as this Universe is cyclic and indelibly resistive, this antagonistic reality engendered by energy itself IS "existence".
    Anonymous said...
    The meaning of life is death afterwards.
    pistileer said...
    It appears 'anony-mouse' is rather prejudiced against, or just ignorant of, the many living dead in this world. While they may be unworthy of praise, they still exist.

    But seriously, if life were defined by death...or merely the lack of it...it would cease to mean anything. The concept proferred by this latest ghost reveals a penchant for exemplifying the epitomy of the obsurd notion that "the ends justifies the means".
    Anonymous said...
    life is friendship.
    Anonymous said...
    Life is everything. Our life means to much to many people. Our life is a beautiful place. We invent, we make art, we do many things. So, why should you ask what is the maening of life well the answer is the meaning of life is to live youre way don't let anyone tell you that youre not important becacase what you do makes your life special don't let someone take that....feeling awat from you.LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT....it will take you on extreem adventures.
    RAYNEBOW said...
    Anonymous said...
    I agree life is a rollar caoaster ride and to many others if our life was gone they would never forget it so thanks for the advise Anonymous..... April 2, 2009
    Sinthia said...
    LIFE MEANS................LOVE.............HOPE............AND PEACE
    Anonymous said...
    life is about whatever in the world you desire. if a five year old boy wants nothing but a bicycle, the meaning of his life is to obtain that object. if your life is full of broken dreams, failures, or even loss and if that is all you think of, it's the meaning of your life.the commenter before me said, "LIFE MEANS................LOVE.............HOPE............AND PEACE" if that is the meaning of your life, then are you happy, or do you want more? is that the meaning of life? petty wants, needs? i an not even sure now, that i describe my interpretation on one of the earth's most puzzling question? i don't know what the meaning of life is. my close friend said, "you can do anything if you set your mind to it." (original iknow) can we explain the meaning of life to some random people on an internet site i stumbled upon? i guess i just did.

    -a 14 year old wonder (the age is suprising, i know)
    Anonymous said...
    oh and pistileer, you are an interesting person, what's your story? mine is that i'm a bored and under challenged 14 year old little girl. a fact and interesting quirk about me is that i don't capitolize anything; nothing is better than anything else. what is "extravigant" without "is" or "wonderous" without "you"? who knows? i don't want to think about it. ;) later.

    -your newest and youngest commenter
    pistileer said...
    When considering or contemplating the meaning of life, one must certainly take their self out of the equation...or inevitably lose sight of the proposed solution. But anyway, the question is the answer, so it is irrelevant what ends one comes to on the journey to the center.

    Truly, the meaning of life is found in a life of meaning. There is only the journey. To attempt to codify that journey in such a confined realm as destiny will only confuse you.

    A boy who wants nothing but a bike does not exist. Ask your self "why does he want the bike?", and you begin to see that analogy is one of the first ingredients in the concoction we call meaning. Then, of course, one must ask, "what makes him want to want the bike?"

    It is easy to be bored if you are a 14 year old little girl...as time is still your master. Seek wisdom, and when the Universe begins to open up, you will suddenly find you are a slave to the clock. If everything is then exciting, you have fought well and learned honorably.

    Most people's prison is their own mind, but they do not understand how to unlock the door, and thus they remain bored throughout their dull lives...seeking every kind of delusional stimulus they can possibly get their grubby little paws on.

    Me? No prison could ever hold me, for I am divine!

    Rock on little one...
    Anonymous said...
    i know what the meaning of life is. =D
    the meaning of life is 42
    Anonymous said...
    the meaning of lieing in not to be dead
    Anonymous said...
    no the true meaning of ilfe is to be proud of who you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooothats the true meaning of life
    Daisey said...
    Anonymous said...
    i dont like life all that much eney more
    Anonymous said...
    Life is a big game and you have to win to survive
    Anonymous said...
    You must make the most of your life, or you will be sad for eternity. Make the right choice.
    SandyBeach said...
    The meaning of Life is continual and different for everyone. There is no meaning until "you" reach the end of "your individual" journey. Only then can you have an understanding of the meaning of it all.
    TRiG said...
    A slight problem with that, SandyBeach: When you reach the end of your life journey, you're dead.

    Anonymous said...
    This is some thing I thought I should jot down as it occurred to me; I have modified it over time as the idea has become clearer, to me anyway.

    The 02/09/2005 was the day I had this revelation, it was the middle of the day, and I was at home alone, just sitting in the lounge looking out back through the glass doors at nature. I have struggled with the meaning of life for 30 odd years and I don’t claim to have solved it but I think I may have discovered a little piece. It doesn’t matter who I am, because if you get the idea of what is expressed below you will realise you experienced the revelation.

    I believe Life will always find a way to evolve into a form that will promote its own survival and ability to grow. Essentially, I believe life is a chemical reaction, a single entity constantly renewing itself, adapting to its environment. I believe it has evolved to create the human species for a purpose and that purpose may be simply to recognise what life actually is. It is important to recognise that human life is a result of evolution and natural selection. (I acknowledge that I have just turned off a lot of you who have faith in a God; I apologise but please bear with me and read on)

    I was afraid that when I died I would lose my sense of existence, seems obvious. But I am convinced my sense of existence is life itself. I am convinced that you the reader are immortal, that you have been here since life on earth began and will be here when life is finally extinguished on this planet. You have changed form uncountable times and you have no memories of those lives as they have died and decayed with the bodies they inhabited. But you have continued on in each and every living thing.

    Think of your own life as a new born, a blank sheet, no memories, no experience, it is pure existence with no substance. Some life is very complex like ours; some never gets past being simply stimulated by light and nourishment. But each and every life is the same canvas, painted differently by DNA and defined by different life experiences, the way we cement together the DNA and those physical and emotional life experiences on matter, create the unique individual that you are. When we die that unique individual dies and will never walk on this earth again, but death is irrelevant to life, death is only relevant to matter, and matter dies when it can no longer support life. The unique individual is gone and should be grieved, but you must recognise that his or her life-force (existence) is the same as yours. Yes, they had different capabilities to you, you might recognise those capabilities as being lesser or greater than your own, but those capabilities relate to the matter they inhabited, not the life that allowed them to exist. The matter they inhabited could no longer support life for whatever reason. Life does not have a personality, or an opinion, nor does it have a choice, it is a simple chemical reaction and when it recognises that it exists, that life is YOU.

    I believe that life is energy and is essentially indestructible, as are all things in the Universe. Energy will change form, matter will eventually break down to its original elements but neither can be destroyed.

    I do not believe in any of the conventional varieties of god. I do not believe in reincarnation, I do not believe you can remember a past life as all life experiences die with the brain. I do not believe in karma, good and evil are irrelevant and are human concepts appropriate to which side of the fence your sitting on. I do not believe in any kind of Spirituality; if you must believe in a spirit believe in your own, look at the natural world and recognise that each and every life is yours. I do not believe in an afterlife just continuous life.

    However, I do believe in cause and consequence, if you steal from someone you are that person who will feel the loss. If you abuse a child you are the recipient of that abuse and will suffer the consequences. If you build a poor house you will live in that house as long as it is inhabitable. I’m sure you can think of experiences that may have affected your life or others. The bottom line is you are both the perpetrator and the victim. I believe you were Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Budda, Adolf Hitler, and Ghangus Khan. So there is a code or a fundamental rule to what I believe and it is the old “Do unto others as you would want done to yourself” because I believe there is no truer statement than that.

    It is very simple, but I truly believe in this idea and if you understand the concept it is extremely empowering. This idea has had an amazing effect on how I think we should be conserving Earth’s resources. How important it is to respect all forms of life, and allow organisms to have a quality of life, especially the ones we use to feed ourselves with. We should all go out of our way to make every living thing’s life that little bit easier. If something must be killed and there is no doubt that taking life is necessary, the killing should be done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

    I believe when a new life comes into the world its sense of existence is exactly the same as yours. I believe you were every plant, every dinosaur, every killer whale, and every cockroach. I believe you are every living thing; you can not cease to exist unless every life in the universe is extinguished,

    But what is the point?, you may be asking, well for me and therefore for you, it gives our lives purpose and that purpose is that we as a species must be totally committed to space exploration programs. Focusing not on human life in space, I don’t think that it is sustainable or effective at this point in time, but it may come in time and I’m talking billions of years. WE MUST FOCUS on the transport of Life’s foot soldiers, Bacteria or Achaea (Genetically modified if necessary) to planets with a life expectancy beyond our own solar system’s. I believe that is why we have evolved into who we are; our mission is to take life to the Universe. IT IS IN YOUR INTEREST, YOU ARE THE ONLY BENEFICIARY. We must take sustainable life, no matter how primitive, as far into space as we can, like a tree dropping its seeds, the tree has no idea if any of them will sprout; it just puts them out there. It may even be how life on Earth began. We must send the basic building blocks of life into space with the same urgency that a couple of any species goes about having sex, we have the capability, we could wait until we have improved the capability, but you will never see a male of any species be too concerned about his early technique. We must take our chance; we must impregnate the universe, before disaster strikes our capable civilisation. I’m not saying disaster is inevitable, but our Human history is not encouraging. We have the chance, we should take it, look how long it has taken human life to evolve on Earth. We can always improve our chances of taking life off planet Earth as time goes on but we should and must have a go now. It is nature’s law. Life must survive at all cost, YOU must survive!

    However, I don’t want to sound fanatical, even though the importance weighs on me. I also realise that if we fail to promote life, or if we destroy the Earth and all life on it, it will only be a matter of time before somewhere in the Universe (if it hasn’t happened already a million times over) conditions will become perfect for life to begin again, for you to be born again. But it would seem such a terrible waste if you take into account the billions of years and the painstakingly slow evolution of life here on earth to reach this point where I can express this concept to myself, to you, to Life.

    Life is god, because without existence god is irrelevant. You are god, seemingly powerless, as am I, but together, because we are life, we can be truly godlike, we can make things happen. You, your life and what you do with it is the only thing that matters. I want to beg you to jump on board, I have a vision and I know most of you do as well, we are just afraid to give it voice. We must come together as one, we must put aside religious differences, we must put down the guns, we must come together under one government and we must banish poverty and ignorance. We must halt the waste of the Earth’s resources and control our Population. We must focus on our Planet’s long term survival and we must take our existence, our life to the Universe.

    It may be that through evolving into the most intelligent species on the planet, life has taken hold of its own destiny and instead of leaving it to natural selection, has through us as humans allowed the future evolution of life to be guided by us/you.

    What really annoys me and frustrates me is that I will probably never come to this realisation again when I am renewed. Even if this belief I have was taken on by the whole human race, I would say because I am you and you are thinking what a load of rubbish, this person must be insane.

    Such is life, there is no escape, there is no “Rest in Peace” we must carry on Life’s fight to survive even if the only fight at the moment is amongst ourselves, over trivial stuff like religion and money; it is a beautiful, frustrating and ugly thing! It is Heaven and Hell on earth, but it is comforting and nourishing to believe in an immortality that to me is less of a fairytale than the ideas conventional religions would have you believe. Let’s make our immortality as comfortable and painless as we can. How much do you need to be comfortable, I need a home that keeps me warm and dry, I need clean water and fresh food, I need to live without fear of my neighbour, I need all the education and knowledge available, I need respect, I need purpose, I need music, nature and love, I need to have my voice heard. I am you and we all need these things. We need to get on with it. We need our leaders to be courageous and trust in each other, we need to have one vision; all of us have a part in this.
    Anonymous said...
    thank you
    Tyr said...
    What's the meaning of "the meaning of life"? If you get the meaning of life, what then? What is the point of asking what is the meaning of life? And what do you mean by "meaning of life" anyway? I think that the question might have more meaning then the answer.
    pistileer said...
    I just can't help myself...I have to say YOU PEOPLE ARE RETARDED. WE ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE!!!
    Anonymous said...
    Well Pistileer, let's not be nasty, I've only checked this site out for a couple of weeks and I've put my heart on my sleeve. I noticed you have been making comments for a couple of years and still haven't revealed what you believe. Go on, I promise I'll be gentle. I have an open and empathetic mind. Why don't you open yours up to us.
    pistileer said...
    I am very busy at the moment, but I have in no way mixed words. The essential purpose of this species is the question, and the fact that any proclivity toward obsessing on the answer is divest of all true human design function or parameters, and the fact that monarchial enteties and imperialistic religious beliefs which propose some delusionally superior propensity are what has caused most of the perversion and untimely death within and without the species.

    I must go for now...more later....
    Anonymous said...
    The purpose of life is,eternal life,but don't be toooo surprised if science provides the answer,for both science and religion bow to truth,the next question is what is 'truth'the dictionarys description,'agreement with reality',seems fair to me.
    Anonymous said...
    this sucks bum, i was pooping my pants the whole time
    Anonymous said...
    There is nothing to be afraid of,because,nothing is impossible.

    Intelligence belongs to all of us,we are free to ignore your words,however,no one can ignore their individual truth we also cannot ignore our collective agreement with reality,which is where our knowledge stands us now.

    Our direction comes from religion our means,from science.
    pistileer said...
    Anyone who would claim nothing is impossible, is guaranteed to make many mistakes. I tell you what, why don't you try jumping off of a twenty story high bridge and attempt to think your way out of "splat". It is the impossibilities which make all things possible, and to even come close to thinking in terms of proving the impossible rather than the possible is indicative of a person who believes in a fantastical monotheistic dogma. We are the creators...damn your dunb!!!!
    Anonymous said...
    Dear Pisileer....This Blog is about Albert Einstein .

    Albert said,"science without religion was lame and that religion without science was lame,this was being said there. I need help with making it clear what you are saying?
    Is religion idiotic,the blog above,life,or what?
    "We are the creators" That is correct.
    Of ideas,and then realising them,through experiments.

    We use the knowledge they bring us for our advancement,to dreams beyond our wildest dreams.
    Nothing is impossible for us to achieve,so we can achieve anything we set our hearts to.
    pistileer said...
    Humanity is merely an ignorant species intended to evolve into a higher life-form. The semantically oligarchical and monarchial reign of ignorance must eventually be curtailed. The romantically violent fantasy world all gods exist within is entirely unsustainable and requires that humans completely, and complacently, obsess upon the answer...the pay-off...the prize...the heaven and the hell of it all, rather than involve themselves in the equation...the process...the daily activities which commands compliance, not demands it. There is most certainly a divinity and it is supremely compliant because, truly, the only honorably mitigating force in this Universe is the example. To posit that there is some free will in this world is ignorant of our true purpose (the "meaning of life" so to speak), and was merely contrived by monotheistic entities in order to create a heaven and a hell, and then convince people they are worthy of either...and then eventually both...as the insubordinate mendacity perverting the true nature of duality, decimates societies in a world of doublespeak designed for one reason only...parasitic rule! This feels repetitive, but maybe I did not say it here, or merely did not make myself clear.

    I'm busy...more later...
    Anonymous said...
    The meaning of life - meaning the course that living creatures (plants, animals, insects, bacteria, virus, ect.) take is unfortunately simple. The meaning of life is to pass one's genetic material onto the next generation. Almost all human behavior, even wars can be traced back to trying to make sure that one's own progeny survive to reproduce.

    This is not to say that there is not a spritual or romantic meaning of life, but that meaning would mostly pertain to humans and not include other species.
    Anonymous said...
    If we accept that how the universe is now is because of chance; then why should we look for 'the (if there is one) meaning of life'?

    How can a random, purposeless event have any meaning at all?

    There is no meaning, so just live.
    jonniex said...
    Okay,If the meaning of life is 42? Where did evolution go? I don`t think we where put here for a purpose.Some how in the not so distant past(compared to the earth)we where a bunch of monkeys that had gotten tired of hanging out in trees and started to walk.So meaning is out the window.We just follow our primate reasons to survive.
    pistileer said...
    These guys won't let me post here anymore, but if for any reason they let this go through....42 is evolution my friend. No, it does not have much to do with rainbows except for their propensity to follow the natural materialistic parameters of the solar system we exist within at the moment. However, the only reason we have any knowledge of this cyclic Universe is from extemperaneous individuals who were prodigious enough to defy the ignorant norm and set a course for inspiration. Rock on brother, and never let them tell you monkeys are your forefathers...just a bunch of mendacious baloney... 42 is a mathematical conclusion which conforms, naturally, with the dimensions of our Universe, that is all. What evolves from this reality is the imperative...
    Anonymous said...
    Seems like the bumptious pistileer's meaning of life involves tautaulogy, contradiction and using a ton of heavy words to confuse the lack of a point. I guess that IS just like life in the world today!
    Anonymous said...
    Alan said...
    Soon many will understand the meaning of life, that is when they die. Some may say Nay, "then they will know nothing." I suggest one thing; that you need to figure it out before you die because it may be important. I would also suggest that no man knows the truth and unless a Divine being reveals the truth about life none will know the purpose for life. Yet all can observe the creation and some will see God and some will not and it will not be a matter of intelligence but of other qualities. A good man like Einstein in His honesty realized God and although he would have liked to explain God knew he could not. If you are confused about the purpose of life and indeed you are despite your best efforts to find a comfortable theory then open your mind to what might be uncomfortable. Indeed most of the problems regarding life's purpose have been the result of religion and that is much different than the truth. In that most uncomfortable of all things - the Bible - God says, "The fool has said in his heart there is no God." There is more to life than you can observe, contrive, or in any way prove and that was part of the plan because life is about you and certainly it is a test and you will make choices in life that determine your success or failure. Many, many people will never come close to the understanding they need. One last thing for some ......... God is real, the Bible is His revelation and what men have done religiously to the truth is enough to make me look somewhere else for the truth - but the truth is still there. You will need a love of th truth much more than the love of your colleagues.
    TRiG said...
    "It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it."

    Albert Einstein, 1954, The Human Side, edited by Helen Dukas and Banesh Hoffman, Princeton University Press
    Chico News said...
    omg ilys
    Anonymous said...
    The Meaning Of life (in my opinion) is to simply be Happy. Why? well, you'll have to figure that out yourself.
    Anonymous said...
    The meanig of life is not to be figurd out.But to be explord.
    Anonymous said...
    u guys have no life get 1 please....!too late u down wasted it here

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